• Chronic Constipation
  • Piles
  • Fissures


  • Smooth gentle Laxative
  • Effective in treatment of chronic constipation
  • Significant improvement in clinical conditions like itching, bleeding & constipation within 3-7 days in Grade I & II internal piles
  • Powerful anti inflammatory action
  • Anti bacterial and anti itching property
  • Enables faster wound healing & recovery in Grade III and IV post operative cases
  • No need for Pain killer, Laxative & Ointment
  • Grade I & II: 1 Capsule BID
  • Grade III & IV: 2 Capsules BID (Post operative)
 Mainly contains standardized extracts of:
 Triphala  त्रिफला  
 Azadirachta indica  नीम  
 Zingiber officinale  अद्रक  
 Mesua ferrea  नागकेशर  
 Cassia fistula  अमल्तास  
  • Not known to have any side effects if taken as per the prescribed dosage.
  • Hypersensitivity to any ingredients
  • Not recommended in Pregnancy
  • Bottle : 30 Capsules
  • Strip : 10 Capsules

Health Tips

  • Consume a diet rich in fibers, fresh fruits & vegetables
  • Avoid junk food
  • Drink lukewarm water early in the morning
  • Avoid deep fried foods
  • Avoid smoking & excessive alcohol
  • Avoid sitting too much
  • Don't strain yourself to have a bowel movement
  • Exercise may help to relieve pressure around the anus & rectum