• Leucorrhea
  • Vaginitis


  • Antimicrobial action:
    • Potent antibacterial action against various bacteria
    • Coverage for Candida albicans & other pathogenic fungal species
  • Maintains normal vaginal pH
  • Immunomodulator to fight against opportunistic pathogens
  • Regulates hormonal imbalance & produces an estrogen like effect
  • Analgesic Effect reduces backache associated with leucorrhea
  • Astringent action on the genital mucus membrane
  • 1 Capsule BID or as directed by the physician
 Mainly contains standardized extracts of:
 Saraca indica  अशोका  
 Woodfordia floribunda  धवय  
 Asparagus racemosus  शतावरी  
  • Not known to have any side effects if taken as per the prescribed dosage.
  • Hypersensitivity to any ingredients
  • Bottle : 30 Capsules

Health Tips

  • Take a long sleep & stay away from tension.
  • Avoid wearing tight outfits & other tight acrylic garments to prevent itching or irritation in your genital areas.
  • Wear loose fitting cotton undergarments as they help you to keep dry genital areas.
  • Take bath daily & clean your genital areas properly.
  • Avoid food that is highly rich in yeast like mushroom, breads, etc.
  • Exercises & Yoga are very effective way to deal with vaginal discharge.